Digital policy management

DHC VISION policy management provides maximum transparency at the click of a button. The management of policies and guidelines turns digital with maximum traceability. Creating, reviewing, approving and controlling policy documents – all is done in the software and in a highly consistent way.

How many policies are currently in circulation? What is their status and what is their (remaining) validity? Have all employees taken note of the applicable guidelines and confirmed this? Are all compliance requirements also being adhered to? There are no easy answers to such questions – unless documents, processes and workflows are digitized.

Policy management with DHC VISION runs via fully automated, digital processes. Workflows provide assistance and orientation in document management and control. It is always possible to trace in detail which changes were made to a guideline, when and by whom, and who checked, approved and read them. Reliability of processes and (legal) security with regard to regulatory requirements are ensured. Additional management support is provided by dashboards and differentiated evaluation and analysis options. In this way, the compliance status in the company can be easily recognized at any time. What is difficult and error-prone by hand and on paper becomes a reliable and convenient task with DHC VISION. And the policy management is connectable to further processes in the software; the advantages of an integrated management system can be used.

Impressive functionality

Policy Management

  • Secure policy creation, review, and approval
  • Provision of common document types 
  • Standardization through over 50 document templates and workflows 
  • Flexible document encoding 
  • Electronic signature compliance 
  • Status management 
  • Recall and restart of workflows by the initiator
  • Comment function and separate document for comments with communication workflows
  • System-supported calculation of validity and archive duration

Policy control

  • Target group specific distribution of new or changed documents
  • Distribution, to persons, groups, for information or acknowledgement
  • Sending of messages by mail and to personal taskbox
  • Real-time publication
  • Seamless integration with DHC VISION TRAINING (optional)
  • Easy customization of release workflows
  • Channelling of tasks to the personal taskbox and via e-mail
  • Systematic procedures for invalidation, validity extension, reactivation and archiving of documents

Policy / guideline monitoring

  • Comprehensive reports and dashboards for monitoring 
  • Full traceability and control 
  • End-to-end change and version history 
  • High performance Cognitive Search 
  • Comprehensive search mechanisms with filtering/selection capabilities 
  • Reminder/escalation mechanisms 
  • Comprehensive status tracking mechanisms (tracebility) 
  • Workflow monitoring and graphical status visualization 
  • Interactive data analytics and business intelligence functions 
  • Diagnosis of current and future compliance status

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All options at a glance

Policy / Guideline Editing

  • Use of customizable templates
  • Provision of common document types other than guidelines
  • Automated assignment of unique document numbers (prefix)
  • Revision counting for existing documents
  • Freely definable properties or attributes
  • Calculation of revision cycles and archive duration
  • Integration of Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)
  • Simple definition of responsibilities and areas of application
  • Access restricted to authorized persons for document editing
  • System-supported version history
  • Automatic status assignment
  • Full master data management

Policy control

  • Best-practice workflows, e.g., for editing, review and approval processes
  • Electronic signatures
  • Procedures for invalidation or validity extension
  • Rejection or transfer of tasks
  • E-mail messages upon creation or completion of tasks
  • Serial or parallel review and approval rounds
  • Absence assistant and deputy regulation
  • Status management
  • Automatic status change of guidelines
  • New document versions invalidate and archive previous versions

Policy Publication

  • Automatic PDF conversion
  • Real-time publication
  • Target group-oriented information distribution for new or changed guidelines
  • Distribution of documents, to groups or individuals, “for information” or “for acknowledgement” Channelling of tasks to the personal taskbox and by e-mail
  • Seamless integration with DHC VISION training management
  • Simple modeling of release workflows

Policy Review

  • Pre-defined (release) procedures for invalidation, validity extension, reactivation and archiving of documents
  • Deadline- or time period-controlled submission of guidelines for review
  • Manual determination of the due date for re-submission
  • Direct review run or validity extension from out of the re-submission process
  • Reminder and escalation mechanisms
  • Full reference and usage tracking of policies
  • Support for policy invalidation
  • Dynamic display and easy processing of all guideline-related suggestions for correction
  • Editing / revision of new versions without loss of validity of the current version


  • High-performance Cognitive Search
  • Comprehensive search mechanisms and filter/selection functions
  • Integrated full-text search of policy content and attributes
  • Wide range of selection parameters to support a variety of use cases
  • Predefined status reports and reports for planning re-submissions
  • System-supported monitoring of the validity of policies
  • Reminder/escalation mechanisms
  • Comprehensive mechanisms for status tracking (traceability)
  • Workflow monitoring and graphical status visualization (traffic lights)

Events, notifications, communication

  • Notification Event Modeling Framework for automated, accurate and timely notification of people, roles/groups or systems about the status value of definable events such as date, threshold, metric, new document versions.
  • Flexible and appealing design of notifications (including HTML); also multilingual, to different recipient systems (email, social media, mobile gadgets etc.
  • Rules and communication by creating messages along role-based interests and views (user view, organizational view, compliance view).
  • All notifications are subject to an audit trail
  • Full traceability of who was informed about what, when, with what content

Controlled printout / printing

  • Automatic conversion and display of all documents in PDF, regardless of status
  • Single, multiple and collective printing functions
  • Workflow for traceable printout of guidelines
  • Printing of valid documents incl. print date, time and validity period
  • Watermarking of authorized copies
  • Reports on distributed paper copies
  • Informative printout, daily copy, training copy

Applicable attachments

  • Creation of further documents/information as applicable attachments or additional information
  • Referencing to further guidelines, checklists or forms
  • Linking/referencing to further reference objects such as processes, OUs, IT systems, products, etc.
  • Automatic version and status management, also of attachments
  • Intelligent notification system


  • Audit-proof storage and management of policies
  • Freely definable filing structure
  • Complete version and change history (audit trail)
  • Write protection of already signed or released documents
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance (electronic records, electronic signatures)
  • Fine-grained authorization concept
  • Pre-defined roles, profiles, user groups and authorizations
  • Compliance with the highest security requirements


  • Intelligent multisite concept for group-wide policy management
  • Simple and redundancy-free adaptation of global policies to local conditions
  • Clear management of global and site-specific policy variants
  • Intuitive translation of policy documents incl. formal release of translations


Role-specific dashboard with decision-relevant information:

  • Number of policies per status and per type
  • Overdue management: validity of policies incl. status information
  • Visualization of the 90 days forecast
  • Drilldown to policies with status and detailed information
  • Display of key policy attributes
  • Quick view of individual policies incl. related documents
  • Direct access to policies with view of all multi-perspective core information


Adaptive and interactive data analytics and business intelligence capabilities to diagnose current and future compliance

  • Visualization of compliance KPIs for guidelines with mandatory acknowledgement
  • Overview of the compliance status of organizational areas
  • Development of compliance KPIs over time
  • Overview and detailing of compliance-critical statuses
  • Recommendation for action to improve compliance KPIs
  • Employee compliance: Percentage and number of employees with 100% training completion

Insight into our customer relations

5 sterne

“Embedded in the intranet of the DREWAG and ENSO group of companies, DHC VISION offers a group-wide tool for recording, coordinating, approving and documenting regulations. Thus, we achieve more transparency as well as shorter turnaround times in the entire document lifecycle.”

Jan Kretzschmar 
Die DREWAG – Stadtwerke GmbH

Validation and compliance consistently in view

DHC VISION is specially designed for use in highly regulated industries. The solution fulfills GxP guidelines and directives of the FDA, EMA, PIC/S or ICH, as well as 21 CFR Part 11, for both technology and business processes. The Validation Package is available for system validation; it consists of “Validation Accelerators” (complete documentation set for validation) and Validation Services for adapting the documentation to a specific system configuration.

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What is a policy management system?

A guideline management system defines and sets up processes to control the entire life cycle of guidelines and other standard documents in an audit-proof manner. The lifecycle covers the creation, review, approval, publication, and final deactivation and archiving of a guideline document. The processes do not refer exclusively to guidelines; they also include all specification documents of a document pyramid, i.e., process instructions, work instructions, procedural instructions and other specification documents.

What are the advantages of system-supported policy management?

In organizations and companies, there are usually countless guidelines on a wide variety of topics, such as occupational safety, information security, data protection, quality management, or industry-specific compliance requirements in general. Most of the time, these documents are stored in uncontrolled file systems and are often outdated. It is rarely possible to trace who has actually read these documents. A system-supported policy management system ensures that documents are stored centrally. Review, approval, and publication are workflow-supported and audit-proof. Recipients can be clearly identified and defined as target groups; they are proactively informed about new developments and changes. A request for a confirmation or acknowledgement always allows for tracking the distribution of documents in a transparent way.  

What are the advantages of a policy management system regarding compliance?

Companies and organizations are subject to a large number of legal and normative requirements. In part, compliance with such requirements is a legal obligation. In part, however, companies or organizations voluntarily commit to complying with external requirements. One of the goals pursued is to eliminate or reduce risks and to ensure secure business operations. A policy management system helps to administer the policies resulting from the requirements in a legally compliant and audit-proof manner. The timing of the publication of guidelines is always transparent and traceable. An obligation to comply with these guidelines can be initiated and controlled directly via the guideline management system. In sum, a guideline management system supports the adherence to compliance requirements through transparent communication of requirements and a legally binding commitment to compliance by employees.