Support is an elementary component of our understanding of service


As a DIN/ISO 9001 certified company, product and service quality has a high priority. Despite the utmost care, errors can still occur. What is then important for our customers is a fast, reliable and sustainable solution to the problem. That’s why our support team is based at our headquarters in Germany and staffed exclusively by qualified support personnel. We secure your investment for the future via the maintenance contract.

The evaluation of support services performance characteristics in the software selection process is often underestimated. However, studies confirm that support is of central importance for long-term customer loyalty. Customer-oriented support services are therefore an elementary component of our understanding of service. In regular customer surveys, we determine the support quality and use this for continuous improvement. With the conclusion of the maintenance contract (includes software maintenance and support), qualified services are available to our customers, for example, for error analysis, response time, recovery time and problem solving. Suggestions for improvement from our customers are taken into account in further release planning.

Support Services at a glance

Software maintenance

We provide new releases, versions, innovation packs or even hotfixes at regular intervals. These are new version releases that contain periodic adjustments of program parts, related documentation, improvements, enhancements and other changes. Software maintenance is an integral part of the maintenance contract.

IT Ecosystem Support

With the Go-Live of DHC VISION an important milestone has been reached. Digital transformation does not end there, however. The IT ecosystem of our customers is subject to constant change:

Personnel responsibilities in the system change and the number of DHC VISION users in additional departments, business units, subsidiaries or affiliated companies grows. Inevitably, this also increases the number of 2nd level and 1st level support tasks in our customers’ IT service management. In addition, internal processes are continuously being changed and existing internal IT infrastructures adapted to prevent technological erosion. Additional and new application systems in the DHC VISION environment must be integrated.

In short: We proactively accompany the post go-live change processes in close coordination with our customers.

Standard Support (3rd Level)

The starting point is an ITIL-based support process with real people in our multilingual service center in Saarbrücken. For error reporting and troubleshooting communication, customers use our web-based JIRA ticketing system. The problem analysis and solution is transparent and comprehensible for customers. The service level agreement defines the response and recovery time for different fault categories and the corresponding measures. In addition to the ticket system mentioned above, we use common remote maintenance systems such as Team Viewer to speed up error analysis.

Individual Support

Since we customize DHC VISION according to the individual needs and requirements of the customers, we also take over the maintenance for this and secure the investment made. Our customers also have the option of commissioning us separately to maintain a customer-specific system environment and the DHC VISION instance in use there. Typically, we use MS Azure Cloud Services for this purpose. Of course, there is also the possibility to use support services outside agreed service hours. This is particularly relevant for upcoming audits or ad hoc projects.

Our other services


Validation Services

Standardized and flexibly scalable services for validation

Professional Services

Consultation and solution-finding at eye level

Managed Services

Responsible handling of internal IT services

Cloud Services

Our software as a full service cloud solution

Do you have any questions?

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