Full service operating model on a subscription basis


Use our solutions with highest performance, security as well as availability in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. With our proven cloud services, we host and operate your DHC VISION system in a compliant and qualified environment. Within a very short time your system is ready.

Increasingly, customers are turning to our full service cloud solution. We are very familiar with the validation and qualification requirements for the highly regulated industries. For cloud operations, we use the services of our partner Microsoft. With Azure, in tens of data center regions worldwide and hundreds of web services, Microsoft is one of the world’s leading providers. Your (information) security receives the highest attention. You will benefit from a global cyber security team to protect your data in Azure.

Alternatively, DHC VISION is also offered as an on-premise solution that is operated in the customer’s infrastructure. In this scenario, our Managed Application Services are complementary, allowing us to take over operations in your IT infrastructure.

Cloud Services at a glance


We host your production, test and possibly other systems in the Microsoft Azure data center region Western Europe. There are various locations to choose from here.

The availability of the systems is freely definable on an hourly basis per month. The sizing and scaling of the infrastructure, whether servers, databases or the download rate, can also be determined individually and flexibly. No vendor lock-in: It is possible to relocate the systems at any time, including back into own infrastructure.

Cloud Application Management (operation)

For the holistic operation of your DHC VISION system, our services include all necessary services.

Governance services

  • Dedicated technical account management
  • SLA reporting
  • Documentation
  • Knowledge management
  • Communication
  • Education services

Application transition and stabilization

  • Patch management and installations
  • Test after update 3rd party software and infrastructure changes
  • Data protection, storage and recovery management
  • Usage reporting

Data security and backup

Azure Backup services (Azure IaaS VM backup) are used for data backup. This is an Azure-based service for backing up (or protecting) and restoring data in the Microsoft cloud. One aspect of high availability is storage replication. The Azure Backup service uses Locally Redundant Storage and replicates data three times in a paired data center in the same data center region. Back-up policy: Data backup is performed daily (Back Up Frequency) at 18:00. The Retention Range describes the retention periods of the respective daily, weekly and monthly backups.

Cloud Operation Monitoring

  • Checking the servers and therefore ensuring the availability of the servers or the system
  • Checking of all logs and log files of DHC VISION as well as the used software components including the operating system
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the current utilization of these components within the last 24 hours. If the workload exceeds the usual limits, countermeasures are initiated as far as possible and the technical contact person is informed.

Our other services


Validation Services

Standardized and flexibly scalable services for validation

Support Services

Support is an elementary component of our understanding of service

Managed Services

Responsible handling of internal IT services

Professional Services

Consultation and solution-finding at eye level

Do you have any questions?

Do you have questions about our services or would you like more information? Then contact one of our experts directly. They will be happy to assist you at any time, answer any questions you may have about the service and product portfolio, and look forward to your inquiry.