Research from the innoLAB: DHC Business Solutions opens innovation hotbed

7. May 2018

DHC Business Solutions GmbH & Co. KG is setting new tones in its innovation strategy. innoLAB is an incubator for new technology and service developments. innoLAB bundles third-party funded research and development projects, which are also carried out in cooperation with other partners.

Saarbrücken-based DHC Business Solutions is expanding its innovation strategy and increasingly focusing on technology innovations within the scope of specialized research and development projects. InnoLAB is now an incubator for new products and services for quality and compliance management in the “regulated environment” (life sciences, pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, chemicals, cosmetics, food industry). In doing so, innoLAB complements the “open innovation” approach pursued to date, which actively involves corporate partners of DHC Business Solutions in further developments, with strategically oriented innovation projects with project funding primarily from programs for medium-sized companies.

With innoLAB, we always think two or three steps ahead and look for technological solutions to challenges that we see as particularly relevant for our specific industry environment in a medium-term perspective”, emphasizes Dr. Wolfgang Kraemer, Managing Director and partner of DHC Business Solutions. “We recognize the potential of technologies such as digital content, artificial intelligence or blockchain and develop prototypical solutions for industry-specific application scenarios in innoLAB..”

Two research and development projects are currently underway at innoLAB. The “digiCOMP” project is implementing an information logistics solution for digital compliance management in companies; “SOPassist” is developing assistance systems with which work instructions can be integrated into production processes and used directly at the workplace, e.g. in an “augmented reality” environment with modern 3D glasses. Both projects are funded by the Central Technology Program Saar (Zentrale Technologieprogramm Saar, ZTS) from funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

At innoLAB, we have deliberately opted for a flexible form of organization”, emphasizes Dr. Rudi Herterich, Managing Director and founder of DHC Business Solutions. “This allows all employees to work on innovative issues and develop new solutions alongside their regular tasks. This motivates and also promotes the transfer of new knowledge and innovations from the experimental project context to later product and service development.”

In research and development projects, DHC Business Solutions also cooperates with partner companies and research institutions. In this way, research excellence and technical expertise from different domains come together in an innovation network.