Global process and document management at BEUMER Group

22. October 2014

The BEUMER Group, a leading international manufacturer of intralogistics, is working with DHC Business Solutions to implement an integrated management system for all regional companies. The particular challenge is to provide each of the approximately 30 Group companies with the information consistently in the respective national language.

Now that the software implementation has been successfully completed, BEUMER is in a position to describe the group’s global business processes hierarchically and multilingually according to uniform standards in a process pyramid and thus also to standardize and harmonize them. At the same time, the system is so flexible that the individual group companies can supplement the global processes in their local language and add local process variants. In the medium term, BEUMER Group expects a significant increase in efficiency and more transparent processes for its more than 3,700 employees worldwide.

The rollout and client concept of the DHC VISION solution for process management is used. Furthermore, a sophisticated release and workflow concept reduces the creation, modification and release expenditure of business process information to a minimum.

In addition to the pure process information, associated documents such as instructions or forms for the individual workflows are also managed. By integrating translation management software, there is semi-automatic translation of both process content and complete documents into the individual national languages. This drastically reduces the amount of work and the frequency of errors.

“With DHC VISION, we can roll out our process management worldwide in a standardized way and still have the flexibility to take local particularities into account without much effort”, explains Thomas Schürmann, Director Integrated Management at the BEUMER Group.

The BEUMER Group

The BEUMER Group is a leading international manufacturer of intralogistics in the fields of conveying and loading technology, palletizing and packaging technology, and sorting and distribution systems. Together with Crisplant a/s and Enexco Teknologies India Limited, the BEUMER Group employs around 3,700 people and generates annual turnovers of around 627 million euros. With its subsidiaries and agencies, the BEUMER Group is present in numerous industries worldwide.