Endress+Hauser to deploy DHC VISION process and quality management solution company-wide in the future

21. March 2016

More efficient management of business processes, documents and audits

To standardize its process management activities, Endress+Hauser, a leading supplier of measuring instruments, services and solutions for industrial process engineering, will in future rely on the integrated BPM solution DHC VISION and replace existing legacy systems. In addition, the integration of action and audit management as part of the company-wide management system is planned. After the roll-out, several thousand users will be using the system.

Up to now, the Endress+Hauser companies have been using various process modeling tools that are detached from each other to map the company’s processes. In addition, the link between business processes and quality management software documents is limited. This has resulted in high maintenance and administration costs, made it much more difficult to find information, and resulted in unsatisfactory user acceptance of the previous systems.

With the introduction of DHC VISION, Endress+Hauser aims to improve the process description in accordance with the in-house modeling standard. The integrated client and role concept offers each part of the company its own workspace and at the same time enables the analysis of business processes across companies. A uniform interface and Office integration make use more intuitive for authors and readers, which means shorter learning curve and higher acceptance. The integration of existing documents into the process structure is another advantage of the new system.

In addition to the complete, database-based management of company information such as processes, organizational units, IT system or data, the recording and tracking of measures is also an important component of the solution. In the future, these will be created centrally in DHC VISION and processed based on workflow, which means more transparency and complete traceability in the implementation of measures for all process participants.

Based on the processes, management of internal audits will also be supported using DHC VISION in the future. This ranges from the definition of audit objects to the recording of audit results and the generation of measures to the preparation of audit reports.

The DHC VISION solution fully covers our requirements for a management system and we expect significant improvements in process documentation”, says Bernd Kunert, Project Manager at Endress+Hauser.

Endress+Hauser Group

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