DHC VISION convinces Biotech Startup 4TEEN4 Pharmaceuticals

23. September 2020

Saarbrücken-based DHC Business Solutions supports the digitalization of quality and compliance management at 4TEEN4 Pharmaceuticals GmbH from Hennigsdorf near Berlin with its startup program VENTURES.


The DHC VISION integrated management system provides 4TEEN4 with regulatory-compliant digital solutions for managing its research-related processes and future clinical trials.

Digital quality and compliance processes

4TEEN4 Pharmaceuticals GmbH is working on an innovative therapeutic solution for patients with uncontrolled release of dipeptidyl peptidase 3 (DPP3) into the bloodstream. DPP3 is a biomarker strongly associated with short-term organ dysfunction, such as in cardiogenic shock. At the same time, DPP3 is also a druggable target. For this purpose, 4TEEN4 is developing the monoclonal therapeutic antibody Procizumab in combination with targeted diagnostic tests. Currently, 4TEEN4 is preparing for clinical trials with the antibody and is relying on digital processes in quality and compliance management from the very beginning. The basis for this is provided by the integrated management system DHC VISION, which was introduced at the Brandenburg-based biomechanics company as part of the VENTURES funding program.

Ventures enables startups to enter the digital world of quality management

“With VENTURES, we want to enable startups and young companies to enter the digital world of quality and compliance management,” says Dr. Wolfgang Kraemer, Managing Director and Partner at DHC Business Solutions. “Especially in the early stages of a company’s development, digitizing processes is still relatively easy, even if the regulatory requirements are high. This avoids complex change processes at a later stage. 4TEEN4 is therefore doing everything right here.”Within the scope of VENTURES, startups and young companies receive the DHC VISION software without license costs and under special conditions for operation. The complete documentation for the mandatory validation of the software is included.

About 4TEEN4 Pharmaceuticals GmbH

The biopharmaceutical company 4TEEN4 Pharmaceuticals GmbH is developing Procizumab, a humanized antibody directed against human dipeptidyl peptidase 3 (DPP3) for the treatment of acute cardiovascular diseases. 4TEEN4 licensed the diagnostic rights for DPP3 as an acute medical biomarker for organ dysfunction to SpingoTec GmbH. 4TEEN4 was founded in 2013 in Hennigsdorf near Berlin by Dr. Andreas Bergmann, CEO of 4TEEN4, as part of his Medicine4Future initiative. You can find more information about the company at https://4teen4.de.