DHC Ventures: New impetus for research projects

25. October 2017

Saarbrücken, May 29: The new funding initiative “DHC Ventures” is aimed at research groups and start-ups in the “early stages” of company formation. Life sciences and other regulated sectors are particularly in focus. Support is provided for the early establishment of a research-integrated quality management system. DHC Business Solutions thereby promotes digital transformation in innovative and promising industries.

Innovation, transfer and quality

What research projects, research groups and start-ups need to bring their results to application is money – money in the form of venture capital in particular But what they also need is regulatory-compliant quality management to support them in their work. This is because even small start-ups or research projects at the transition to medical, biotechnological, medical technology or pharmaceutical applications are subject to tight GxP regulations. The hurdles are often high. But it pays to put the management of quality in innovation processes on a solid footing right from the start.

It is clear from our experience: Quality management in the GxP environment must be synchronized with the innovation dynamics in research and development”, emphasizes Dr. Wolfgang Kraemer, Managing Director of DHC Business Solutions. “Otherwise, past negligence will catch up with you very quickly. There is therefore no way around the early digitization of QM processes”. Paper-based and manually controlled quality management is far too error-prone, not really sustainable and simply does not fit with innovative products and processes, Kraemer continued.

Innovation funding by DHC Ventures

DHC Ventures promotes early entry into digitization: Research projects, research groups and start-ups in the “early stages” of company formation work with the integrated management system DHC VISION for three years free of charge. This results in a significant reduction in costs for young companies. At the same time, a high-quality digital solution is used for all core quality management processes. After three years, a joint decision is made on how to proceed. The entrepreneurial success or a possible additional need for support is taken into account.

We ourselves are still a fairly young, dynamic company with a high affinity for R&D”, adds Kraemer. “We decided to take this step because it enables us to support innovative and dynamic partners on their way to scientific and economic success..” Those interested can contact DHC Business Solutions and clarify the possibility of funding in an informal process.